Catering in Jacksonville

"The buffet was the best that I have ever enjoyed in my 14 years at UNF."


"Thank you Mike. You have a great family operation. If you get an opportunity to email me any pictures you may have taken of the four meals, I would like to show these to our Training Table staff here in Nebraska. I appreciate your great service while in Jacksonville."

- Brian
Director of Sports Nutrition

"We are wrapping up Gator Bowl practices about 2pm today and I would like to thank Mike Mayes and company for all of the work they did during the week to make this Gator Bowl a huge success for UNF and Hodges Stadium.

Yesterday the head football Coach Bo Pelieni personally thanked me and complemented the staff, the facility and the hospitality and food. He said that we provided the best away training site he has ever experienced even in his Championship Bowl games and NFL career. So thanks to you all. We truly have a great team and a very nice facility."

Director of Campus Recreation

"The Pomegranate Vinaigrette is great!. One of the best, no, the best salad dressings I've had in a long time. Would love to order a case of it."

- Helen

"The mango salsa is fabulous! i am totally addicted. bought it at the jarboe park farmers market but need more. could try to make my own but would rather support a local biz.come back to the market!! please. "

- By Roselle

"Hi Mike & Cathy,

I have heard only positive comments regarding the picnic. A big thank you to all of your staff for keeping up with the picnic, it was a success! Talk to you soon."

- Sandi
Executive Assistant

A Unitrin Business

"Mike and Cathy,
We can not thank you all enough, the Wedding Celebration / Reception was fabulous ! You all really exceeded all of our expectations. Everything despite the challenges with the weather was perfect. Again, Thanks ."

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

"I love Mayes Food Service, the level of service and quality they offer is remarkable. They did the wedding reception for my daughter and son in law's wedding in Queen's Harbour and I could not have asked for it to be any better. I strongly recommend them for any event. Thank you Mayes Food Service!!!"

- Kathy

"Cathy and Mike provided the best tasting BBQ and service to our event this past summer. The food was hot and tasty, the presentation was terrific. The most friendly staff we have ever used."

- Gus

"Mike, Thanks to you and your staff for a great job. The watermelon was a great idea! Not sure if you got to see the watermelon eating contest, but the video is up at for your enjoyment! Have a great and safe labor day weekened! "

Director of Osprey Productions

"Hi Cathy,
Thank you and your crew for working at the Estuaries Day Event. It was a great success.
First, and most important question: did your crew enjoy themselves and would you consider vending for this event next year? Thank you again."


"Thanks Cathy, everyone LOVED the food all ROCK"

Department of Health Promotion

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Catering in Jacksonville
Catering in Jacksonville
Catering in Jacksonville Catering in Jacksonville Catering in Jacksonville